I am a small company that, for ten years, has been making custom-made specialty hose for clients across Canada and the United States. My home base is Hamilton, Ontario

When customers present me with a “new” or an “old traditional” tartan, I match patterns and colours, by obtaining yarns from Canada and Europe. I have a large selection of yarns on hand and can mix colours to closely match your present hose or kilt.

A few examples of the types of hose that I have created for dancers, kilt wearers, and bandsmen are:

Military Pipe & Drum Band Diced Hose - in many patterns and colours

Diced Hose Tops - to be worn under spats

Highland Dance Hose - in every colour imaginable

Lovat Hose - in Army green, off white and cream

Highland Cable Hose - in varying colours

Historically accurate hose - for Recreationists

Hose for Customers with special medical requirements - i.e. diabetes