Order Procedure :

When you place an order, I will give you an estimated delivery date.

Several weeks prior to the estimated completion date, I will send you a knitted “ swatch” of the colours that I intend to use. I will also send two or three “sample feet” for you to try on. You can have input into the colour choices and indicate whether there are any "fit" concerns such as bunions on the foot etc.

That swatch may consist of several colour combinations for you to choose from.

I ask that you consider the swatch and sample foot carefully in natural light (daylight). ( NOTE: Any type of artificial light may affect your perception of the colours.) Please:

1. Judge the contrast of the colour combinations against the marle or background colour.

2. Compare the colour match to the kilt you will wear,

3. Consider the weight of the yarn thickness and “comfortablility” against the leg and foot.

4. Closely judge the size of the sample foot.

It is these samples and your comments that I will use to create your hose. So....

send the swatches and sample feet back to me along with your comments and colour choices.


A $50.00 deposit must accompany your order.

Order Form :

***The order form, deposit, and colour and foot samples must be mailed to me by post, in order that I receive an accurate tracing of the foot.

Please download and complete the order form so we can begin your order.

Download Piche Artworks Hosey Order Form

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions at gailpiche@bell.net